Scholarship Foundation News:

In the February Watch on the Rhine, the directors of the Scholarship Foundation announced the expansion of eligibility for scholarship grants to include the married spouses of our active duty Soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division. This new category of candidates is subject to the same rules and requirements as any other candidate.

Recent Changes to Our Constitution and By-laws

 In order to extend eligibility to the married spouses of our 3rd Infantry Division Soldiers, we had to amend our Constitution and By-laws. The changes, following in italics, appear in the Constitution and By-laws, Article 2A, “Purpose,” and they are duplicated in our “Application and Instructions.” Both documents were changed, on January 24, 2014, with the approval of our Foundation Board of Directors. These documents are available on our website at or from Lynn Ball at 972-495-1704 or LDBALL1@MSN.COM.

The purpose of the Scholarship Foundation, Inc. is to provide university, college, and vocational scholarship grants to children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren (including those by adoption) of Society of the 3rd Infantry Division members, and to any child, grandchild, or un-remarried spouse of a 3rd Infantry Division soldier who was Killed In Action or Died of Wounds sustained, while on active duty with the Division, and to all 3rd Infantry Division soldiers, past and present. Additionally, the married spouses of active duty soldiers serving with the 3rd Infantry Division are eligible to apply.The individual seeking scholarship funds must fall within one of these limited groups. All applicants, except active duty soldiers currently serving or who have served with the Division, must have a sponsor. Said soldiers may sponsor an offspring or a spouse or themselves by including a letter stating their period of service with the Division and the unit in which they served or are serving. If sponsoring someone other than themselves, sponsors must state the relationship of the candidate to themselves.”

Raffle to Support Scholarship Grants

We also want to share news of recent donations of prizes for our next raffle. Melvin and Joann Ingram donated the beautiful wall-hanging pictured here. While the photograph does not do the gift justice, it does give some idea of its beauty. The square in the middle is intricate embroidery and the entire hanging is quilted.

Additionally, we have a beautiful piece of quartz art donated by Joe Ball. Joe found this piece of Army art in an obscure little shop in Fredericksburg, Texas. It has its own lighted frame that casts illumination through the quartz plaque to accent the Army emblem fused to its face.

We also received three books from Dale Giese about his experiences in Korea. He has donated books to the Foundation’s raffles in the past, and we have had excellent comments about them. His book is quite interesting AND enlightening. We thank all of these donors and those who have sent gift or cash donations in the past. Without your help, we could not exist. Additionally, Dale Coppock sent several large copies of “Roll Call,” a poem written by his father Robert I. Coppock. These are printed in military blue on white, very heavy stock, measuring 17” x 11”, and are suitable for framing. They are quite nice. 

Plans for our next raffle are becoming firm. We are still gathering prizes and hope to release tickets for sale late in 2014. The drawing will occur in September 2015.

We wish to thank both the donors of the prizes we have received for the raffle and the donors who sent monetary contributions. Both are very much appreciated. Following are gifts received since publication of the February Watch.


Ron and Kim Heitzenrater

Melvin and Joann Ingram

John and Becca Kendall

Mike and Lori Kendall

Derek Parker

Karen and Vern Parker

Scott Parker

Amy Tobias

Heather York


  John D. Cramond Jr.

Paul Desroches

Marilyn Deteso

Dale and Carolyn Geise

Melvin and Joann Ingram

James Jollimore

Harry E. Kee

Katie Kendall

Kristi Kendall

Trey and Grace Marable

Jean Michaux

Richard H. Moats

Marco Montoya

James and Lucille Noe

Carl and Joan Paulson Jr.

John and Kelly Peabody

Samuel and Marie Puliafico

Harvey Sladkus

Charles Stonis

Herbert L. Summers

Donald T. Zelles