Scholarship Foundation News:

Auction: We have a marvelous and very large (100-page) photo album about the Korean War. The album covers fall 1951 through May 1953.  When its owner passed away, his estate donated it to the Scholarship Foundation. We don’t want to offer it as a prize in our upcoming raffle; because, we want to ensure it goes to someone who really wants it. If you would like this comprehensive and beautifully done album containing hundreds of photographs and exhibits, send a bid to the Foundation at LDBALL1@MSN.COM or telephone your bid to 972-495-1704. If you send an e-mail, we will verify your bid by return e-mail. We will hold this auction open until December 15, 2014, whereupon we will notify the winner. We will ship the album to the highest bidder and publish the winning bid information in the February Watch. The proceeds from this auction will be used to fund scholarship grants.

2015 Scholarship Grant Program: Our Scholarship Foundation Directors have introduced the 2015 Scholarship Grant Program. Candidates must ensure their applications reach the Foundation by June 1, 2015, to be considered in this year’s program. The “Application and Instructions” for submitting entries is on our website at or by contacting Lynn Ball at the e-mail address or phone number above. While Soldiers (past and present) of the 3rd Infantry Division may act as their own sponsors, all other applicants must have a sponsor who served with the 3rd Infantry Division or one of its support groups. If the sponsor is deceased, contact Lynn Ball for instructions concerning the sponsor’s letter. The “Application and Instructions” lists all those eligible to compete and provides information regarding completion of the necessary submission items.

            Fundraising Raffle: Soon, you will receive a book of tickets for the 2015 Scholarship Foundation Fundraising Raffle. All proceeds from the raffle will be used to fund scholarship grants. A list of the prizes we have on hand follows. We hope to receive more donated prizes in the coming weeks. The drawing for prizes will be May 20, 2015. All prizes will be shipped to winners by May 25th. Be sure to send your tickets and payment in the return envelope provided as early as possible so the Foundation knows how many grants it can award. The following list shows the donors’ names followed by the prizes they donated. We will feature photographs of the prizes in future issues of the Watch, and we thank our donors for providing these excellent prizes.

Joe Ball                                   .22 caliber, single action, target revolver with a 6-round cylinder and 6 ½-inch barrel—American made.


Joe Ball,                                  Model 1911A1 OFS, semi-automatic, .45 caliber pistol with an 8-round magazine.


Melvin & Joann Ingram:         Beautiful Army-motif embroidered and quilted wall-hanging tapestry.


Dick & Deveny Wells:            $100 Gift Card to Walmart.


Joe Ball:                                  Lighted Quartz Art (U.S. Army design).


Joe Ball:                                  Beautiful Solar-lighted cross, nearly 15 inches tall (Indoor or outdoor).


Al Curiale:                               The History of the 3rd Infantry Division in World War II. First Edition, 1947.


Leonard Collins:                      The History of the 3rd Infantry Division in World War II.


Kathy Daddato:                      Queen-size, 3rd I.D. design, quilt.


Pat Williamson:                       3rd I.D. Army-motif, heavy denim jacket (emblem press-quilted on back).


Joe Annello:                            Forged in Fire: the Saga of Hershey and Joe, by Vincent H. Okamoro. Signed by author and subjects.


Sinclair W. Stickle:                  So They Will Know: a Korean War Memoir.


Dan and Cleo Callahan:           The Day of the Panzer by Jeff Danby; The Coldest Winter by David Halberstam; The Roer River Battles by David R. Higgins; Shadows in the Jungle by Larry Alexander; The Secret Surrender by Allen W. Dulles; Korea: the Forgotten War: DVDs (two discs); The Medal of Honor: DVD (two discs); WWII Confidential Restricted Films: DVDs (four discs); Monte Cassino: DVD; Amazing War Machines: DVDs (three discs).


Military Magazine:                  Navy Seal Dogs: My Tale of Training Canines for Combat, by Mike Ritland.


James Campbell                      War in the Land of the Morning Calm, by Jim Campbell.


Dale & Carolyn Geise:            Three copies of From an Iowa Farm to Korea: 1951-52, by Dale Geise. Signed by author.


Dan & Cleo Callahan              Command of Honor--Gen. Lucian Truscott by H. Paul Jeffers; Shadows of the Jungle by Larry Alexander; Stay off the Skyline by Laura Homan Lacey; Feuding Allies--Private Wars of High Command by William B. Breuer; Bill Mauldin by Todd DePastino; The Coldest Winter by David Halberstam; Bradley by Alan Axelrod; "The Korean War: 60th Anniversary" (DVD); "Korea: The Forgotten War" (DVD).


Dr. Bae Suk Lee and               Several copies of Red Dragon: Faces of War, a collection of

Norman L. Strickbine              vignettes of 190 Veterans who served in Korean (1950-53).

We extend a special thanks to those who have sent donations to the Foundation since publication of the last Watch on the Rhine.


Joe Ball


Lynn Ball

Jim and Linda Reeves