Scholarship Foundation News:

Good news for those hoping to win one of the weapons included in the 2015 Scholarship Foundation Raffle: We now have a third weapon. James and Ann Beckworth have donated the U.S. Army Colt .45 Caliber revolver, Model 1917, with a custom grip (removable) shown here. Jim used this weapon when he participated in U.S. Army marksmanship activities as a trainer. Jim said the last time the weapon was fired was in 1972. It is in very good condition. We are very grateful to Jim for his wonderful donation, and we thank all those who are donating to the raffle, either by providing our prizes and/or by purchasing tickets. We are equally grateful to those who donated money for our grants. Thank you. Please contact Lynn Ball (page 2) for additional tickets.
The raffle includes many other prizes that are very nice so be sure to buy your tickets. A list of most prizes currently on-hand (and the names of their donors) was included in the October Watch on the Rhine and will be featured in upcoming issues.
It is now time to urge your offspring who are eligible to compete for the 2015 Scholarship grants to begin preparing their submissions. All submissions for 2015 must be received by the Foundation by June 1st. Each candidate must also submit a letter from his/her sponsor which states the relationship of the candidate to the sponsor. The candidate must be a biological or adopted offspring. The “Application and Instructions” lists all categories of individuals who are eligible to compete, in addition to our offspring. The “Application and Instructions” is available on our website,, or from Lynn Ball at LDBALL1@MSN.COM or by phone at 972-495-1704. Other contact information for Lynn Ball is listed at the bottom of page 2 of every Watch on the Rhine. If the candidate’s sponsor is deceased, contact Lynn for instructions in preparing the “Sponsor’s Letter.”
We are able to offer scholarship grants annually only through the kindness and support of our donors and we are very grateful to them. Those who have donated to the Foundation since publication of the last Watch on the Rhine are listed below.

We extend a special thanks to those who have sent donations to the Foundation since publication of the last Watch on the Rhine.

Memorial Donations:

Honoring Jimmy Galiano: Marjorie P. Belou
Honoring Jimmy Galiano: Sandra Galiano Clark
Honoring Jimmy Galiano: Jane Galiano


Chevron Matching Gifts/James Strawn


Col T.H. and Rose Mary Jurney


Col. Henry R. Bodson

Tad Davis

Echo Entertainment Enterprise

Ricky and Mary Nussio

James and Linda Reeves

James and Karen Van Delden


Benevity Community Impact Fund

Dan and Cleo Callahan

V.A. Clark

Jaqueline DeYoung

James and Phyllis Dillman

Col. James and Aileen Drennan

Robert and Joyce Farrington

Stephen and Lisa Fliss

Richard and Patricia Gustafson

Robert and Lillian Hauf

John P. Hill

Elmer E. Hole

Charles and Linda Lucas

Larry and Cathy Lust

Richard/Barbara McKiddy

Carl and Joan Paulson

Michael and Gale Tapper

Dean and Rachel Tice

Donald L. Welling

Donald T. Zelles