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Scholarship News

On June 28th, The Scholarship Board of Directors notified all of this year’s recipients, and sent checks in the amount of $1000.00 to the each of the recipients’ universities. This year, there were eight recipients; this year, again, we received many excellent entries for this award. As always, it was quite difficult for our judges to choose the best-of-the best. Our judges this year were Scholarship Foundation Trustees Jeff Danby, Earl Killen, Thomas Maines, and James Reeves. We thank them for their hard and faithful work. Those candidates who did not receive grants this year were encouraged to apply next year, and we provided some guidance for improving their submissions, both to the Foundation and to other agencies providing scholarship grants.

Every one of the recipients below demonstrated excellent community service and academic ability. All were on various honor rolls and all demonstrated leadership ability. The 2017 recipients’ photos and profiles can be found on the, past recipients page

Our directors are already planning the 2018 Scholarship Grants Program, and we are currently receiving donations in support of this new project. We send tax-certification letters, by return mail, to those who donate directly to the Foundation. Members sending donations to the Foundation through the Society do not receive letters until the Society informs us of donations. We received notifications on December 9th and again on June 26th. We sent letters as soon as we were notified. If you donated to the Foundation and did not receive a letter, please let the Foundation know of your donation and the amount. We will issue your tax-certification letter. We are very grateful to our donors for their help. A list of this month's donors can be found on our Donors and Donating page

2018 Scholarship Grants Program

The Society of the 3rd Infantry Division Scholarship Foundation, Inc. is preparing for the 2018 Scholarship Grants Program. We are currently establishing the number of awards we will be able to present and we are very grateful for the response we have received to date.

The Foundation added two grants in 2017; the first was the award for “LTG William G. Webster and the Men and Women of the 3rd Infantry Division,” and the second is the “Award in Honor and Memory of Scholarship Foundation Trustee Dr. Marco Montoya.” This enabled us to present eight awards to deserving recipients.

In 2018, two additional grants will be added and fully funded. LTG Webster will establish the first award “in Honor and Memory of Kimberly Strawn Grugin Webster, First Lady of the Marne Division, 2003-2006.” The second award for 2018 is funded by Joseph W. Ball “In Honor of Lynn D. Ball, Founder and Chair of the Society of the Third Infantry Division Scholarship Foundation, Inc.” These awards will be added to others that are pledged for 2018. We are grateful to our supporters who enable us to help our 3rd Infantry Division offspring defray the high cost of higher education expense.

Scholarship Foundation Fundraising Raffle Results

Following is a listing of prizes and the names of the winners in the 2017 Scholarship Foundation Fundraising Raffle. The drawing was on June 15th; Lynn Ball and Justin Valle drew the tickets and Joe Ball acted as recorder. We drew 55 names: All prizes have been shipped to the winners. Bob Barfield won the 1911, .45 Cal semi-automatic pistol, which he donated to the Foundation for its next raffle. We sent Bob a gift of thanks. We have received some very nice comments from some of the winners who like their prizes. We hope to hear from more winners. As you know, our supporters donate all of the prizes and we appreciate their gifts of kindness very much. The money raised by the raffle will be used to provide scholarship grants for our deserving offspring. We are all volunteers so our overhead is very low.

Official Presidential Inauguration Coins (Reagan, 1981) Unknown John Nieosia
Official Presidential Inauguration Coins (Eisenhower,1955) Unknown Richard Guimond
1991 Korean War Memorial Silver Dollar Coin (90 proof) Curtis Halvorson Robert Varone
1991 Korean War Memorial Silver Dollar Coin (90 proof) Curtis Halvorson George Burke
1911, .45 cal. Semi-automatic Pistol (8-round clip) Joe Ball Bob Barfield
.22 caliber, single action, target revolver with a 6-round cylinder and 6 ½-inch barrel Joe Ball Lester Schaeffer
Queen-size, 3rd I.D. Quilt Kathy Daddato Vincent Dellorto
Red, White, & Blue, Silk, Floral Arrangement/Flags in Basket Kathy Daddato Jude Grabert
Photo Album with 3rd I.D. Patch Medallion Lynn Ball Evelyn Catoe
Blue, Star-shaped Throw or Tapestry Shirley Conley Richard Hutchinson
Framed Posters “Real Heroes Wear Combat Boots” Ron Heitzenrater Robert Harbour
Framed Posters “Real Heroes Wear Combat Boots” Ron Heitzenrater John Sustacek
4-piece Cheese Set in Wood Container with drawer Anonymous Robert Corbett
Biddeforo Electric Blanket or Throw Anonymous Dale McGraw
Pillow/quilt Pennie Burke Robert Pils
3rd I.D. Cap John Stearns Frank Alongi
3rd I.D. Jacket James Van Delden Frank Ugolini
American Flag Ron Heitzenrater Adrian Bailey
American Flag Ron Heitzenrater Severin Harmeyer
American Flag John Fisher Domingo Altoran-Montijo
American Flag John Fisher James Bartholomew
“Great Battles of WWII” (Set: Book and DVD) Joe Ball Jerry Kraft
“The Dawn of War”, DVD Dan/Cleo Callahan Milo Moyano
“The Great Generals: Pershing, Eisenhower, Bradley, & Patton,” DVD Dan/Cleo Callahan Edward Krekorian
“The Great Generals: Stilwell, Arnold, MacArthur, & Marshall,” DVD Dan/Cleo Callahan Oliver Green
Great Generals (DVD) Joe Ball Paul Schewene
“Medal of Honor,” DVD Dan/Cleo Callahan John Jackson
“Korean War: Pushing Back,” DVD Dan/Cleo Callahan Bart Viruso
“Korea: The Forgotten War,” DVD Dan/Cleo Callahan Jim Campbell
“Korean War: Pushed to the Brink,” DVD Dan/Cleo Callahan Joe Garbato
A Foxhole Was My Home by Darrell C. Kilburn Darrell C. Kilburn Roland Elenich
A Foxhole Was My Home by Darrell C. Kilburn Darrell C. Kilburn Weldon Fritzel
I Remember by John Shirley John Shirley Patsy Scarpato
Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell Lynn Ball Joel Bowles
Lee’s Terrible Swift Sword by Richard Wheeler Dan/Cleo Callahan William Keup
Feuding Allies by William B. Breuer Dan/Cleo Callahan Richard Klein
13 Hours in Benghazi by Mitchell Zuckoff Lynn Ball Marv Albright
American Sniper by Chris Kyle Lynn Ball Jim Van Delden
In the Footsteps of Valor: Then and Now by Henry Bodden Henry Bodden Don Crowder
The Last Cavalryman (Truscott) by Harvey Ferguson Dan Callahan Cecil Gilbert
Command of Honor (Truscott) by H. Paul Jeffers Dan Callahan Paul Grabert
From an Iowa Farm to Korea Dale Geise Joseph Kolgat
From an Iowa Farm to Korea Dale Geise Gary Nissen
Weapons of World War II by Alexander Ludeke Joe Ball Bob Sousa
Father Struck It Rich by Evalyn Walsh McLean Lynn Ball Gerald Siehndel
Dogface Soldier (Truscott) by Wilson A. Heefner Dan/Cleo Callahan John Hollier
The Day of Battle (Sicily and Italy) by Rick Atkinson Dan Callahan Richard Rager
The Day of Battle (Sicily and Italy) by Rick Atkinson Dan Callahan Thomas Jenkin
Faces of War II: The Red Dragon (Korea) by Arthur W. Wilson, et al. Bae Suk Lee Harold Nelson
A Memoir by Joe McRoberts Joe McRoberts Kim Hubred
Life Up Front by Bill Mauldin Robert Callahan Bob Gibson
U.S. Army in WWI by Office of Chief of Military History Robert Callahan Bob Lynn
George Marshall by Debi and Irwin Unger Dan/Cleo Callahan Louis Bravos
Anzio by Ian Blackwell Dan/Cleo Callahan John Cannon
As You Were by Howard D. Ashcraft Robert Callahan Mark Jones

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