Scholarship Foundation News:

            Auction: We are happy to report that our auction of the Korean War Period photo album and scrapbook, compiled by Thomas R. Shiolas, has concluded with a winner. Robert Hyde’s bid of $275.00 was the highest received by December 15th, the closing date of the auction. The album has been shipped to Robert. The album was donated to the Scholarship Foundation by Thomas’ spouse, Rosemary, who asked that we find a loving home for it. We believe Robert Hyde’s respect for such works satisfies Rosemary’s wishes for her husband’s excellent collection of photos and memorabilia. (We are including an excerpt from the album, in this issue: it is entitled “Chorwon and the Iron Triangle.”)
            Raffle: The Foundation Raffle is progressing nicely. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets. We have the three weapons as well as the wonderful prizes that were listed in the October Watch. Since then we have received the following books and a DVD donated by Dan and Cleo Callahan: The Day of the Panzer by Jeff Danby, Lee’s Terrible Swift Sword by Richard Wheeker, The Coldest Winter by David Halberstam, Partners in Command by Mark Perry, Willie & Joe: Back Home by Bill Mauldin, and “The Korean War: 60 Anniversary” (DVD). Also quite exciting is General Lynch’s donation of a signed copy of his book, Adapt or Die (reviewed in this issue of the Watch), and Murray Simon’s gift of two copies of his latest book: Remembering World War II. The review of Murray’s book is ready for publication and will be included in the Watch as soon as possible. Both General Lynch and Murray Simon’s books are well written and very interesting. At this writing, we just received a beautiful patriotic-motif quilt or tapestry from Pennie and Henry Burke for the Foundation Raffle.
            Grant Program: Our 2015 Foundation Scholarship Grants Program is actively underway. The deadline for submitting applications for this year’s awards is June 1, 2015. Please encourage your offspring to send their applications as soon as possible. The “Application and Instructions” are available on the Scholarship Foundation website at or from Lynn Ball at or by calling Lynn at 972-495-1704.
            To date, the following grants are included in our 2015 program: Our Legacy awards “Award in Honor and Memory of Thomas W. Mason” and “Award in Honor of Major General Maurice W. Kendall,” as well as an “Award in Honor and Memory of the 10th Combat Engineer Battalion,” an“Award in Honor and Memory of SFC Ralph E. ‘Rick’ Richenbacher,” the “Col. and Mrs. Terrence A. Smith Award in Honor of the 184th Infantry (Air Assault), OIF 2005-2006, a Valorous Unit,” and of course, our “Scholarship Foundation Memorial Award,” designed by Joe Ball in 2012. Those remembered and honored since July 1, 2014 will be named in the Memorial Award. To date, they include Mary Sapiro (by Thelma Steele) and James B. Galiano (by Marjorie Belou, Mr. and Mrs. V.A. Clark, Martha B. Cimo, and Cheryl Galiano). Should we receive more donations honoring loved ones who have passed away, those also will be included in the award.
            In the past, we have announced the recipients of the grants at the Awards Banquet at the Annual Society Reunion. It is doubtful that we will be able to do so this year as the deadline for submissions is June 1st and the Society Reunion begins on June 11th. If our judges can determine winners before the reunion, we will make the announcements. If not, we will include photos and profiles of the recipients in the August Watch on the Rhine.
Our judges this year are Jeff Danby, Earl E. Killen, Thomas R. Maines, and Dr. Marco Montoya. Lynn Ball, Chairman, votes only in the event of a tie. We thank our judges who are also our Foundation Directors for their work throughout 2014 and praise their efforts in the past to select our scholarship grant recipients and also support the efforts of the Foundation. We also thank CFO Joe Ball for managing our investments to ensure interest is available to pay for scholarship grants in the future. Last but certainly not least, we thank our Webmaster, Justin Valle, for his many hours of work to keep our website updated and to keep our personal computers and printers running. As you know, all members of our staff perform on a volunteer basis. 

We extend a special thanks to those who have sent donations to the Foundation since publication of the last Watch on the Rhine.


Thomas R. Maines

Terrence and Michele Smith


John and Marylou Angnost

Judith Ann Donnelly

Curley and Carol Ann Faulk

Robert W. Hyde

Claire and Todd McCormick


W. Alverson

Martha B. Cimo

Tony and Ginger Cucolo

Joseph Todisco