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Two more prizes donated for the 2017 Scholarship Raffle

Two more people have donated prizes for the upcoming raffle. First, Pennie and Henry Burke donated a handmade 3rd I.D. pillow that opens into a small quilt, made by Pennie herself. It is not only functional but also beautiful. Second, Rod Stearns donated a wonderful 3rd I.D. cap with Patch in honor of his father Capt. H.F. Stearns. Capt. Stearns served with the 3ID/504th MP Battalion during WWII, and participated in the invasion of Sicily as well as having served at Anzio. He was awarded the Bronze Star. The directors of the Scholarship Foundation thank Pennie, Henry, and Rod for their thoughtful donations to our raffle. We know that those who win these prizes will be very happy with them. The raffle drawing will occur on June 15th and prizes will be shipped immediately.

Scholarship Application deadline is fast approaching!

We are still accepting submissions from candidates seeking 2017 Scholarship Foundation grants and we encourage everyone who is eligible to apply. The deadline for submissions is June 1st. Each $1,000.00 grant awarded is paid directly to each recipient’s financial account at the institution of higher learning specified (colleges, trade or technical schools, and universities). All applicants must provide the Foundation with the applicant’s student I.D. number as it will be used to identify where the grant funds should be paid. Payments are made at the end of June.

Recipients photographs and profiles will appear in the August Watch on the Rhine, and they will be announced at the Awards Banquet at the Society reunion in San Antonio on September 30, 2017. Photos and profiles will also be posted to our Foundation website following the reunion.

Our 2018 Scholarship Grants Program is already in the works!

Our Biennial Fundraising Raffle and interest on investments are our only sources of income aside from the donations sent by our supporters. The donations we receive are the largest portion of our income and we are very grateful to our supporters. It is these donations that make the difference between the success and failure of our programs. Certainly, we are grateful for the support we receive from our donors.

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