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The Society of the 3rd Infantry Division Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit organization started in 2004 by members of the Society of the 3rd Infantry Divison. The goal of this organization is to provide enrichment to the families and offspring of veterans who served in the 3rd Infantry Division during the numerous conflicts around the world.

Call for applications

It is time to request that your eligible offspring submit their Scholarship Foundation grant applications. Applications and Instructions are available on the website of from Lynn Ball. The deadline is June 1, 2016. Please send applications to the Foundation at 2010 Worcester Lane, Garland TX 75040. The Foundation will pay the recipients’ grants, in the amount of $1000 each, to their college, university, or trade school accounts so we need their student identification number. Nowadays, institutions of higher learning will not cooperate in any way with us when we call to inquire about how to pay funds if we don’t have the identification number. (This is modern day security.)

On June 1, 2016, the applications will be forwarded to our judges for selection. Grants will be paid by July 1, 2016, and recipients’ photographs, names, and profiles will be published in the August Watch on the Rhine and announced at the annual reunion in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in September. This is an exciting time. Our directors are very pleased to honor our recipients each year. We have some very intelligent 3rd Infantry Division offspring.

This year, we have opened the competition to the offspring of Associate Members who have been members in good standing for at least four years. We hope this change has reached our membership.

Our judges will evaluate the submissions and select the recipients of the following grants: “Award in Honor and Memory of Thomas W. Mason,” “Award in Honor of Major General Maurice W. Kendall,” “Award in Honor and Memory of SFC Ralph E. ‘Rick’ Richenbacher,” “Col. and Mrs. Terrence A. Smith Award in Honor of the 184th Infantry (Air Assault), OIF 2005-2006, a Valorous Unit,” “Award in Honor and Memory of 3rd Infantry Division Soldiers for Their Meritorious Services in the Evacuation of Military and Civilian Refugees from Hungnam, North Korea, December 1950,” and of course, our “Scholarship Foundation Memorial Award in Honor and Memory of SFC Nick Ramba.” We hope to receive at least two more sponsored awards before June 2016.

The 2016 Scholarship Foundation Memorial Award will honor SFC Nick Ramba. Nick’s family and friends elected to send donations to the Foundation in lieu of flowers. They too will be recognized in the August Watch on the Rhine and in the program distributed to attendees at the Reunion Awards Banquet. We thank those who remembered Nick in support of the Foundation.

Fundraising Raffle

The Foundation will conduct a fundraising raffle late this year and into next spring. We conduct a raffle every other year, and it is our major source of income besides member donations. Of course donations are the most important gifts we receive as they show our members’ support of our program.

We are beginning to collect prizes for our next raffle, so please send your gift to the Foundation at 2010 Worcester Lane, Garland TX 75040-3331. Any gift you would like to receive would be appropriate to donate. Remember, we issue Tax-Certification Letters for both monetary donations and gifts to be raffled so you can use the Certification Letter in support of your 2016 tax deductions.

We have a weapon for the next raffle. One of the 2015 recipients of a weapon did not complete the requirements to transfer of the prize so it reverted back to the Foundation. It is the .22 caliber, single action, target revolver with a 6-round cylinder and 6 ½-inch barrel—American made. The weapon was donated by Joe Ball. We have also received the following prizes to date: Shirley Conley donated a star-shaped, hand crocheted, lap cover or tapestry. Kathy Daddato donated a queen-size, 3rd I.D. quilt. Dick and Deveny Wells donated Henry Bodden’s signed copy of In the Footsteps of Valor: A Personal Diary of WW2—then and now. It is a beautiful book containing hundreds of color photographs of important WWII sites as they were then and are now. We reviewed Henry’s book in the 2012 October Watch on the Rhine. John Shirley donated a copy of his book, I Remember, which records events during WWII. Melvin and Joann Ingram sent Dogface Soldier: The Life of General Lucian K. Truscott, Jr. by Wilson A. Heefner. Ronald Heitzenrater donated an American Flag; Kayla Cain donated the following books: Making America: Since 1965, A House Dividing: Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858, and Patterns of World History, and James and Karen Van Delden donated a 3rd I.D. denim jacket. We also received an electric lap cover large enough to put on a bed and some copies of Korea Reborn: A Grateful Nation. Bae Suk and Miyong Lee donated several copies of Faces of War II, Korea. These gifts from our donors are very much appreciated and are a nice start for our collection of prizes for the next raffle. We thank everyone who has supported the raffle by donating prizes and/or buying tickets. We also thank our supporters who sent cash donations. These enabled the presentation of eleven $1,000 grants to our 3rd Infantry Division offspring, in 2015. Raffle Tickets will be sent to all members in November.

How to Apply

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About the Foundation

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