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Scholarship News

Applications are now being accepted for our 2019 Scholarship Awards Program. Applications and instructions are available on the Society Website or on our Scholarship Foundation Website. You can also obtain these documents from Lynn Ball ( We are accepting entries from now until the deadline, June 1, 2019.

Judging by our directors will begin on June 2nd. Checks will be mailed to the winners' student accounts shortly thereafter.

Raffle Underway:

The 2018-19 Foundation Fundraising Raffle is now underway. Most members have received tickets, and we thank everyone who purchased tickets. They were mailed to members in September. If you did not receive tickets or wish to purchase more, please contact Lynn Ball ( This year’s prizes feature some unique, unusual, and valuable items donated by our members. The sub machine gun and 1911 pistol are fully operational and have not been fired beyond factory testing and are among the prizes anyone would be proud to own. Below is a full list of prizes donated for this year's Scholarship Foundation raffle. All of the prizes donated are very nice and several are collector’s items.

Our directors and staff thank everyone who sent monetary gifts to the Scholarship Foundation since the last issue of the Watch. You have made the Scholarship Grant Program not only possible but also successful. A list of all current donors can be found on the Donors and Donating page. Our Directors are grateful for your help.

How to Apply

Everything you need to know about the application process

PLUS a handy guide to help you craft your entry for a better chance at recieving an award from this organization as well as others.

About the Foundation

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