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The Scholarship Foundation Fundraising Raffle is going well. Please support this effort to pay for 2017 Scholarship Grants of $1000.00 per recipient. Tickets are $2.00 each or 12 tickets for $20.00. The raffle offers over 50 prizes, all very nice. All prizes that were on hand at the time of publication were listed in the December Watch on the Rhine. Since then, we have received a few more prizes donated by our members and we are very grateful for their support.

The deadline for submissions for 2017 grants is June 1, 2017. Please ask your offspring to get started assembling the items needed for their submissions. Instructions and an application are available on our website at or by contacting Lynn Ball (contact information is on page 2). A sponsor’s letter is required: if your offspring is applying please state your relationship to the candidate (my daughter’s son, my son’s daughter) and include a brief statement concerning why you feel your candidate should receive a scholarship grant. Don’t forget to add your service to the 3rd Infantry Division or one of its support groups. Offspring must be either biological or adopted. Associate Member who have been members of the Society for three or more years are eligible to submit candidates.

We would like to tell our members about the achievements of our former recipients. If you have sponsored a successful candidate in the past, please write to let us know what he/she is doing today. I know that the some of our former recipients have completed their educations and have good jobs. Some of our former winners are now married and some have children. We would like to know about all of them. Please send us updates.

We want to thank everyone who has supported the fundraising raffle and those who have donated monetary gifts to the Foundation. Tax-Certification letters have been sent to all donors. The names of those who donated to the Foundation since the last issue of the Watch on the Rhine are listed below. Again, on behalf of our directors and staff, I thank you.

How to Apply

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