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Important Updates

The Scholarship Foundation has two new officers. Thomas R. Maines has resigned due to health issues. Tom has served the Foundation faithfully since its inception in 2004. The Foundation Trustees voted to name Tom TRUSTEE EMETRIUS.  Tom was replaced by Justin Valle who has served the Foundation as webmaster and general “go to” person since 2007. Justin’s new title, in addition to webmaster is TRUSTEE. With a unanimous vote of the Trustees, he now serves on the Foundation’s Board of Directors. We are very fortunate to have these two gentlemen on the Foundation Board of Directors and we thank them for accepting their new posts. While Tom no longer has a vote, he will still serve in discussions and is free to voice his opinions in all meetings. We congratulate Tom and Justin, and welcome them into their new positions.

Where Are They Now?

This issue, our update comes courtesy of Anna and Curtis Pilgrim, the grandparents of Nicole Winkler Klemp, who was awarded with one of our Scholarship Grants in 2006. When she came to use, Nicole had graduated as Valedictorian, at the top of her class of 503 students in 2006. In college, she maintained a double major in mathematics and accounting with the goal of becoming an actuary. In 2010, she graduated summa cum laude with a double Bachelor of Science degree in those majors. After college, Nicole went on to work for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida, where she currently works as an actuary in their world headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. Nicole has completed mutliple certifications and has continued to advance her career. Due to her talent and hard work, she has quickly risen to the head of her own team. At Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Nicole met her husband, Timothy Klemp, and the two were married on July 30, 2016. On August 16, 2017, Nicole received a great honor when she was accepted as a Fellow in the Actuarial Society at a ceremony in Seattle. We hope other recipients of our annual grants send us updates about their lives since graduating from college.

In addition to the update we received regarding the accomplishments of Nicole Winkler Klemp, we also recently received a “Thank You” note from Stephanie Nussio. We look forward to hearing more from those who receive scholarship grants, and we appreciate their notes of thanks. Please send updates whenever possible, so that you may be highlighted here.

New Scholarship Foundation page

We recently set up the Scholarship Foundation Facebook page. We hope you will visit it at link below. We are currently preparing the Scholarship Foundation Trustees’ profiles for the page, and our webmaster, Justin Valle and Trustee Earl Killan have submitted their impressive profiles. Soon, more will be added.

2018 Scholarship Foundation Grants Program

We have started working on our 2018 Scholarship Foundation Grants Program. We already have some awards established by donors and we hope for more. We have two pledged awards in addition to the following established grants. If you want to sponsor a grant in 2018, please let Lynn Ball know as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly. Currently, we have the following honors, which will be awarded to deserving young men and women in our 2018 Scholarship Foundation Grants Program.

How to Apply

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About the Foundation

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