Scholarship Foundation News:

Grant Recipients: The Society of the 3rd Infantry Division Scholarship Foundation will announce recipients of this year’s awards in the August issue of the Watch on the Rhine. The reunion, this year, is too early for recipients to be selected and announced on June 13th. The deadline for grant applications was June 1st, and the voting members of our Board of Directors are reviewing them now. As soon as recipients are selected, they will be notified and checks in the amount of $1000.00 each will be sent to the institution of higher learning that each specified. Next year’s deadline is June 1, 2016.

This year’s grants will honor those named in our Legacy awards “Award in Honor and Memory of Thomas W. Mason” and “Award in Honor of Major General Maurice W. Kendall,” as well as those named in the following sponsored grants: “Award in Honor and Memory of 3rd Infantry Division Soldiers for Their Meritorious Services in the Evacuation of Military and Civilian Refugees from Hungnam, North Korea, December 1950,” “Award in Honor and Memory of the 10th Combat Engineer Battalion,” “Award in Honor and Memory of Sherman Pratt,” Award in Honor and Memory of SFC Ralph E. ‘Rick’ Richenbacher,”and the “Award in Honor of Our Active Duty Soldiers.” We are continuing to present the Scholarship Foundation’s Memorial Award. The Memorial Award recognizes those who were remembered and honored with memorial donations to the Foundation (as well as the donors) during the previous fiscal year.

Scholarship Foundation Raffle: In odd-numbered years, the Foundation conducts a fund-raising raffle to support its efforts to provide scholarship grants to our deserving offspring, Soldiers of the Division (past and present), spouses of Active Duty Soldiers, and the unmarried spouses and children of Soldiers killed in action or who died of their wounds while serving with the 3rd Infantry Division.

            The drawing for more than 50 prizes was conducted on May 25th and prizes were shipped immediately. In the case of the weapons being raffled, recipients must select a gun dealer, undergo a background check, and provide the gun dealer’s name and address and the results of the background check to the Chairman of the Foundation (Lynn Ball). We will then have the Foundation’s gun dealer ship the weapon to the recipient’s gun dealer where the recipient may claim the weapon. This sounds complicated, but it is really a very easy and safe process. The winners receive written instructions from the Foundation as soon as their winning ticket is selected. The names of winners and the prizes they won will be posted in the Hospitality Room at the Society’s Reunion in Charleston. The list will be repeated in the August Watch on the Rhine. (Just before the drawing, we received four copies of The 7th Infantry Regiment by John McManus, donated by Murray Simon. Thanks, Murray.)

            Election of Officers: Recently, the Scholarship Foundation held an election meeting to select the current voting members of our Board of Directors. Those members include Lynn Ball, Chairman; Jeff Danby, Trustee; Earl E. Killen, Trustee; Thomas R. Maines, Trustee, and James A. Reeves, Trustee. Also serving on the Board are Joseph W. Ball, CFO, and Justin D. Valle, Webmaster. The voting members of the Board are our judges who select our grant recipients. Lynn Ball votes only when there is a tie.

            Newest Board Member: James A. Reeves is our newest board member. Jim began his military career in 1969 among the ranks of the enlisted. He was commissioned in 1974 and began a distinguished military career of 27 years, ending in retirement in 1996. His career specialty was in Administration, including Personnel, Budgeting, and his primary specialty, Finance. Overseas assignments were at the US Army Finance and Accounting Center, Europe, as Deputy Director, Executive Officer, and Detachment Commander, and at Leighton Barracks, serving as Commander, 3rd Finance Support Unit. He has served at several posts in the U.S. with two assignments at the Pentagon. Along the way, Jim completed a BA/Trinity University and a Master Degree of Administration at Central Michigan University. Additionally, he attended many military sponsored courses and received many decorations, commendations, and awards. Jim is recognized by the Finance Regiment as a “Distinguished Member” of the Regiment. Jim and his lovely wife, Linda, reside in San Antonio, Texas.

            Former Board Member Has Passed Away: On March 13, 2015, we lost a former member of our Board, Whitney “Whit” Mullen. Whit served on our Board of Directors for several years before retiring for health reasons. He was instrumental is designing several policies that are still in use. We missed Whit when he retired, and we miss him more now. He was one of the good guys.

            Our directors want to thank everyone who has purchased raffle tickets and/or sent donations to the Foundation to help with this year’s awards. A list of recent donors follows. Again, thank you very much.

We extend a special thanks to those who have sent donations to the Foundation since publication of the last Watch on the Rhine.


Marvin and Adagail Albright

Joe and Lynn Ball

Henry R. Bodson

Curley and Carol Ann Faulk

Stanley and Mary Knapp

Marvin and Judy Kostka

Richard and Elva Moats


Ronald Alsobrook

Henry Bodden

Milt and Barbara Carr

John D. Cramond

Marilyn Deteso

Curley and Carol Ann Faulk

Joseph W. Finnerty

Martin and Shelia Fors

Garth and Ruth Haugland

John Keller

Larry and Bettye Kinard

Charles and Helen Lamlein

Gordon and Dorothy Lowrey

Jerome and Marilyn Manley

Jim and Linda Reeves

Louis and Penelope Santoro

James M. Sesnie

Galen and Karen Stark

Bartolo and Lucretia Viruso

Donald T. Zelles