Scholarship Foundation News:

By the time you receive your June Watch our judges will be evaluating the 2014 submissions for Scholarship Grants. Grants will be paid to recipients’ student accounts in June.

This has been a very busy time for our directors. We are also preparing for our 2015 fundraising raffle. We have received some nice prizes donated by our supporters. We welcome all gifts for the raffle, and we hope to receive a donated weapon or another gift that will prompt Scholarship Foundation supporters to buy tickets. Our raffle tickets will be mailed in September, and the drawing will be in May 2015. We have shifted our dates to be earlier now that reunions are being held earlier. It is our plan to announce the 2015 recipients of prizes at the 2015 reunion.

We also appreciate the monetary donations that have been arriving as they will help to support our current program—our 2014 scholarship grant awards. Please continue to support our efforts to provide financial help to our wonderful offspring. As I write this in late April, we have not yet received the submissions due by May 1st. If the submissions, this year, are like the ones we have received in the past, we can be very proud of our offspring. Past recipients have all been highly intelligent and most worthy of the help provided. Remember too that competition is open to our 3rd Infantry Division Soldiers, past and present, to the spouses and children of Soldiers killed in action or who died of their wounds while serving with the 3rd Infantry Division, and to the spouses of Soldiers currently serving with the 3rd Infantry Division.

We extend a special thanks to those who have sent donations to the Society since publication of the last Watch on the Rhine, and we honor the memorials in memory of Jerome Sapiro sent by his loving wife, Mary, and in memory of Charlotte Middlebroks Ray, sent by her loving husband, John.

Memorial Donations

Charlotte Middlebanks Ray/John L. Ray

Jerome Sapiro/Mary Sapiro


John L. Ray

Mary Sapiro

James and Joan Strawn


Marvin Albright

Dan and Cleo Callahan

Troy and Jacqueline Davis

Frank and Elsie Harris

Stanley and Mary Knapp

Marvin and Judy Kostka

Charles and Helen Lamlein

Rick and Mary Elizabeth Nussio

Herbert L. Summers

Michael and Gale Tapper


James and Margaret Balogh

Guy and Nancy Carey

Milton and Barbara Carr

Jeffrey Danby

John and Doris Davis

Troy and Jacqueline Davis

Matthew and Gayle Delvental

Paul and Berta Desroches

Salvatore and Joanne DiFranco

Linda S. Eastman

Robert R. Edmond

Joseph W. Finnerty

Richard R. Haneckow

Richard and Roberta Heller

Melvin and Joann Ingram

Thomas and Rosemary Jurney

Harry E. Kee

Larry and Bette Kinard

Frank and Mary Klappert

Liane I. Lee

Gordon and Dorothy Lowery

Jean Michaux

Richard and Elva Moats

Virgil L. and Patricia Moser

William E. and Sharon Paul

Andrew and Elizabeth Raymond

Jim and Linda Reeves

Clifford Rutstein

Louis and Penelope Santoro

Howard and Marsha Sicks

Carmel and Judy Solano

Clyde W. Spence Jr

Lyle and Carol Strande

Martha Treece

Bartolo and Lucretia Viruso

Donald T. Zelles